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Boulder 70.3 trip

Sunrise on race day

View from atop Flagstaff Mtn.

Our crew (Me, Karen Nikazy, Bill Hampton, Emily Tardy, Amanda Hampton – Daniel taking the picture) in front of the Village (the best breakfast in Boulder)

The South Boulder riverĀ – hidden deep within Walker’s Ranch at 8000ft.

Walkers Ranch trail head. This was a long day.

Yours truly trying to smile before the race with a sprained shoulder

Me and Daniel Tardy prerace

Descending Flagstaff the afternoon before Boulder 70.3. Crazy.

Flagstaff Mountain


Daniel Tardy, Bill Hampton, and I with our age group awards after Boulder Sunrise Tri in June. Check out my face!!! I promise I was happy.

Here we are after Boulder 70.3 looking pretty sunburnt. We’ve taken to calling Daniel “Photo Shop Daniel”, because he generally looks like he’s been photoshopped into pictures. Whats with that creepy grin?