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Father’s Day weekend

I realized on Monday morning what a great father’s day weekend I had. I spent Friday night at Daniel Tardy’s house, because we had to get up at 5:00am on Sat. morning to drive to Bell Buckle, TN for the RC Cola and Moonpie 10 mile run. We met Bill Hampton down there and enjoyed the run – keeping the pace nice and easy instead of racing it like I’ve done in the past.

Saturday when I got home Karen gave me my Father’s Day present; an old fashioned wooden homemade ice cream maker. I’ve been wanting one for years, but have always been too cheap to buy it. That night we had her mom and dad, brother, and two nephews over for a cookout. The first batch of homemade ice cream turned out great! Afterwards we enjoyed watching Izzy, Max, Kate, Thomas, and Alan all splash in the little pool in the backyard.

Sunday after church we went up to Hendersonville to have Father’s Day with my parents. Same deal…cookout…icecream…kids playing. Another great day to wrap up the holiday weekend.  Here’s a pic of “Papaw” with Izzy and Kate:

papaw and his girls

It’s race week this week. I have the Old Hickory Triathlon coming up on Saturday. As some of you know, that’s my top priority race of every season. It’s normally early in September, but this year they moved up to late June. That prospect makes me a little nervous as it usually takes me until mid August to get in top shape. Last year, I finally won my age group out of 40 something guys despite a challenging year (to say the least). The crowd is fast this year, so I’m hoping for a top 3 finish this go around.

I have lots of motivators these days: the strength of my wife who endured so much more pain and suffering than anyone will ever realize – she took 3 solid months of Magnesium straight to the vein. Research that – you’ll find out that most women can’t bear it for longer than 24 hours. I have Max and Kate who have both been through so much in 8 months of life. We almost lost them multiple times, but they have shown the strenght of God and are now strong and healthy. I have my mom – who just had breast cancer surgery last month and beat it! And as always I have my angel, Izzy. She found some of my old race medals last night and asked if she could wear them. Later we found her like this:

daddies medals

Karen has always said that I’m Izzy’s hero. I know it’s true, but the truth is she doesn’t really know when I win and when I lose. She’s just proud that I’m out there. She does know that my medals mean something. Glad she likes them. I want to win more for her.

My results will be a bit of mystery this Saturday. I haven’t raced since last September. so I don’t know where my lungs are. My legs are leaning out though, because they are starting to look gross:

triathlon legs


Back in the swing of things…

I had a nice training weekend. Daniel Tardy, Branden Verner, and I rode 25 miles at a decent clip covering a few big climbs on Saturday morning.  I’m trying to push the pace a little to prep for race season. We did a 2.5 mile BRICK run immediately following the ride. It was Branden’s first experience running right off of the bike. He did great, but asked “is it normal for your feet to tingle?”. Yes, it is.

Sunday morning I ran 9 miles at a very easy pace keeping my heart rate under 160. It’s amazing how easy running can seem when you keep your heart rate in check. My average HR for the run was 155. I’m thinking I’ll run the RC Cola and Moonpie 10 miler aerobic as well. My PR there is 1:14, but considering the year I’ve had I don’t think this is the time to go for a new “personal record”. I’ll probably just run with Tardy and Hampton nice and easy and consider it a training run. I got another 2 mile run in late yesterday afternoon making the daily total 11 miles. Been awhile since I’ve logged that many miles in a day.

Still thinking about the San Antonio Marathon in mid November.

Izzy’s first swim meet is tomorrow! I can’t wait! She’s so excited. She’ll swim 25 freestyle, 25 backstroke, and the freestyle relay.

A Good Training day and a pic

Today was a decent training day…not too hard…not too easy. It helped that it was 75 degrees outside. I swam 2000 this morning as:
2 x 250
5 x 100
2 x 250
After my swim I spent some much needed time stretching. I stretched for around 30 minutes. Felt great.
During lunch I ran up “The Mountain” with Bruce. The mountain is a 9% grade for 1 mile – pretty tough. The entire run took 35 minutes with an average HR of 170. My hr pegged out at 188. I probably could have pushed it to 190 or more, but chose not to try. Not a bad effort for our first trip up the mountain of the season. We’ll do it every other week as a way to build strength and earn some “free speed”. Hill training is a great way to build the muscles that allow you to run fast without actually having to run fast during training (although we do alot of that too).
Here’s a pic of me and my lifelong friend Moebes (we’ve known each other since we were 10 – 25 years!) last week after Dave Ramsey’s certified counselor training. I have a pic from ’92 of us that looks identical to this one except we’re wearing our wrestling team warmups instead.


This has been a great, but looong week. We do Dave Ramsey Certified Counselor Training (I promote and fill it up) every 6 weeks. We have 55 people in town this week including my buddy Moebes. We go about 12 hours a day from Tuesday-Saturday; lots of stuff to teach people who are going to have the chance to change lives. I’ve tried to squeeze training in where I could this week. I knocked out 4000 yards in the pool between Monday and Tuesday. I’ve also gotten a couple of runs in. I did my first “mile repeats” of the season in today. I kept it conservative and did just 2 of them.
I did a warm up mile at 7:50. The first true “mile repeat” of the season clocked in at 6:15 into a pretty vicious headwind (in one direction at least). Not bad, but not where it will be by late spring. That wasn’t wide up, but rather the pace I think I could sustain for 5k or so. The second mile ended up being 6:35. My pacing isn’t great yet obviously. I should have done that first one in 6:20 or so and then the same for the second one. One thing is for sure….OUCH!!!!

Some new pics

Seems I’m spending alot of time apologizing for the lag between posts lately, but . . . sorry, I’ve been busy.

Chugging away at my training. I’m still swim focused right now and will likely shift over to a cycling focus in the next week or two before shifting to some run focus as summer approaches. I’m going to try to periodize my trianing by sport this year. This winter I’m training like a swimmer and cross training with some time on the bike and some run time. I’ll shift and start training like a cyclist with some cross training in the pool and on the run…and so forth until I shift to a more balanced training plan in the heat of the summer.
Here are some cute new pics of the kids:
Mama said knock you out!
the little Cherub looking as angelic as ever
Izzy enjoying the first and probably last snow fall of the year

nice and easy

I’m still taking it easy, trying to fend off a cold. I swam 1500 this morning as:
2 x 250
5 x 100
10 x 50
I ran for 30 minutes during lunch at 158 average heart rate. I think I’m gonna take tomorrow off. I’m feeling crummy and I need some rest before a big week at work next week.
I’ve become addicted to TWITTER since getting my new iphone.

I’m sure I’ll be twittering all sorts of instant updates from my bike rides in the coming months, complete with pictures. Very cool technology.

Catching up

Sorry, no new posts lately. Busy Busy.

Here’s what the last few days have looked like on the training front:
Sat: 2 hour ride at 149 average HR
Sun: rest
Mon: Run 30 minutes (30/30/60 x4) workout with fast portions at 6:15 pace / ez portions at 8:30 pace.
Tues: Swim 2000 (1500 straight time trial in 22:03)

I love that 30/30/60 workout. This time I warmed up for 5 minutes then went into 4 repeats of that sequence. Do it like this:
30 sec FAST
30 sec Easy
60 sec FAST
2:00 Easy
repeat the sequence as many time as appropriate for the time of year. Right now that was 4 times for me.
I was pretty pleased with that 22:03 considering its only February. I wasn’t sure if I could even make it 1500 without stopping so I went at a very moderate pace. I probably could have taken :30-1:00 off of that time. My goal by June is to swim 1500 in 20:00 or less.