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Dave Ramsey and Chuck Norris: the real DeltaForce vs. the modern day slave trade (debt)


Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep – he waits. Behind Dave Ramsey’s goatee isn’t a chin – but another fist. Seperately, they’re here to kick butt on debt bondage.

Last year, the credit card industry “reaped a staggering $17.1 billion in controversial penalty fees alone – a ten-fold rise in such fees in the last decade.” And the latest generation of consumers has used credit cards “to charge up $1.8 trillion a year, up from a $69 billion a year in 1980.”

Are you free? Or are you slave to your own greed? Trust the ol’ Figurehead on this – GET DEBT FREE and stay that way.

Read THIS article for more staggering stats on how debt is enslaving you and how it’s time to stop ignoring this form of slavery.

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