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Great comparison piece on Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey


The Atlanta Journal Constitution published an article today that compares financial talk radio gurus Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard. I’m a Dave Ramsey guy personally. Dave’s program has Mrs. Figurehead and I debt free (except our modest mortgage) in our early 30’s. We don’t buy junk we don’t need. We’re saving for our home on Seabrook Island that we’ll buy by age 50. We’re saving for Izzy Figurehead’s education. How can a former punk rocker stay punk rock into his 30’s and eventually into middle age (other than working in a tatoo shop or insisting that his band will eventually make it)? Nothing is more punk rock than avoiding debt and the shackles big business would put on you by imprisoning you with their payments. Stick it to the man! Viva la Punk Rock!

Clark seems like a cool guy too. We don’t get his show here in Nashville though.