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Ships passing in the night: The Figurehead vs. Modest Mouse and Band of Horses

The Figurehead and an entourage of indie rock lovin’ pals are seeing Monsieur Isaac Brock, Johnny Marr, and the rest of Modest Mouse along with Band of Horses tonight at the Ryman in Nashville. The Figurhead promises to behave (insert eye roll here).


and Band of Horses….


Teaching her early

Izzy Figurehead, who is 3 years old, has always loved “silly songs” while we’re riding in the car or just bumming around the house. Her silly songs are normally Jimmy Buffett or Jack Johnson tunes. Lately though she’s been asking for what she calls “sweet songs”.

 In the last couple of weeks I’ve discovered that Izzy can sing every word of Bob Marley’s “One Love” and Ben Harpers “Better Way”. I’m a proud papa. She’ll know the cultural importance of what those songs mean before you know it. Hearing her singing “One Love” actually brought tears to my eyes.

Bob Marley – One Love

One Love!
One Heart!
Let’s get together and feel all right.
Hear the children cryin’
(One Love!);
Hear the children cryin’
(One Heart!),
Sayin’: give thanks and praise
to the Lord and I will feel all right;
Sayin’: let’s get together
and feel all right.
Wo wo-wo wo-wo!

Let them all pass all their dirty
remarks (One Love!);
There is one question
I’d really love to ask (One Heart!):
Is there a place for the hopeless sinner,
Who has hurt all mankind just
to save his own beliefs?

One Love! What about the one heart?
One Heart!
What about?
Let’s get together and feel all right
As it was in the beginning
(One Love!);
So shall it be in the end
(One Heart!),
All right!
Give thanks and praise to the Lord
and I will feel all right;
Let’s get together
and feel all right.
One more thing!

Let’s get together to fight
this Holy Armagiddyon (One Love!),
So when the Man comes there will be no,
no doom (One Song!).
Have pity on those whose
chances grows t’inner;
There ain’t no hiding place
from the Father of Creation.

Sayin’: One Love!
What about the One Heart?
(One Heart!)
What about the?
Let’s get together and feel all right.
I’m pleadin’ to mankind!
(One Love!);
Oh, Lord!
(One Heart)

Give thanks and praise to the Lord
and I will feel all right;
Let’s get together and feel all right.
Give thanks and praise to the Lord
and I will feel all right;
Let’s get together and feel all right.

Songs that shaped your world view

There are some people, like The Figurehead, who have been music fanatics throughout their lives. For people like me, music has played a vital role in shaping my world view. Sounds rediculous, right? In some cases that’s true.  I personally don’t give a darn about what the Dixie Chicks or Dave Matthews think about domestic and world affairs. I’m not talking about getting my politics from an out of touch musician here. I’m talking about songs that have stuck in your conscience through the years. Those songs that have shaped your opinion about something – something you’ve considered closely, and only then decided that you did agree with what that particular song said to you. I also lump songs into this category that didn’t necessarily shape an opinion in you, but carry some weight in your pantheon of moving songs anyway.

Here’s a quick list of songs that I recall having an effect upon me a teenager and young adult.

Suburban Home by The Descendents: To this very day, when our society’s “keeping up the Jones” epidemic starts to sicken me I go back to this song. “I want to be stereotyped. I want to be classified. I want to be a clone. I want a Suburban home.”

Merchandise by Fugazi: 10 years or more before I knew anything about Dave Ramsey, Ian MacKaye taught me about debt’s strangle hold on society: “Merchandise, it keeps us in line. Common sense say’s its by design. You are not what you own.”

New Years Day and Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2: I could list a dozen or more U2 songs that mean something to me. This is the first one that gripped me though. It taught me that bands that weren’t overtly punk could have a social conscience as well.

Only the Young – Journey, Change – John Waite, Lunatic Fringe – Red Rider: All of these songs appeared on the Vision Quest soundtrack. To this day, I break out into a sweat when I hear Only the Young, tears fill my eyes when I hear Change, and I go into a trance when I hear Lunatic Fringe. I’d rather not explain all the reasons, but if you know me you already know why.

This list could go on forever. I’m more interested in hearing about the songs that made a dent in your lives, my Figureheads.

A few  more of the Figureheads for good measure: Come as you Are by Nirvana, Rise Above by Black Flag, One Love by Bob Marley, The Captain and the Kid by Jimmy Buffett.

One Man’s Ipod: Volume 2

This is the weekly Figurehead feature where you guys get to see what played on “shuffle” mode on my ipod during my run. As always, you get the TRUTH – embarrassing or not. For the most part, the music matched today’s weather – sunny and 60 in February. Only Prodigy seemed out of place today.

One Love by Bob Marley

Incommunicado by Jimmy Buffett

Dukes on Sunday by Jimmy Buffett

The View by Modest Mouse

Mahgeetah by My Morning Jacket

Cut Your Hair by Pavement

Breathe by Prodigy

Baby Girl by Will Hoge

A Look back at Volume 1