October: in pictures

So, I’ve been a lazy blogger for some time now. I’ll try to catch you up on the month of October in pictures:

Me – shortly after our arrival in Austin for the Longhorn 70.3. I came ready to party, or ride a bull, or…do a half ironman.

One things certain; I killed this bee. It’s a long story, but here’s the short of it: he was a buggin’ us, kept flyin around pesterin’ the women, I swatted him with my hat, he wasn’t happy, I cussed him, threw punches at him, and then smashed him. Tardy laughed – hard.

me and Bill before the swim start. Notice – we’re still smiling. Ah, so young and naive. Hours of pain still awaited us.

Swim start. See me? Trust me. I’m out there somewhere. Swimming.

me, Tardy, and Bill in front of Mellow Johnny’s that night after the Ironman Austin and 3 large pizzas.

Oct 22 was Kate and Max’s 2nd birthday. I thank God for my 3 miracle children everyday.

on a hayride with “Papaw”, Max and Kate

Me and Max hayridin’

Izzy was a pretty witch for Halloween.

Papaw and Izzy on the hayride. And no, we don’t let her wear makeup when it’s not Halloween


One response to “October: in pictures

  1. Hey, one of the huddled masses waiting for more. You out killing bees or what?

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