A year ago at this time Max and Kate were both in critical condition at Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital with RSV, Karen was home sick with Strep, and Izzy had a stomach virus. Needless to say the Christmas spirit was slow to catch hold at our house. This year is different though; Max and Kate both have a cold, but that’s actually a good thing – they’re strong enough to get colds and not need hospital stays. The rest of us are decorated and have the Christmas music cranked up. We’re blessed…very blessed to have come out of the eye of the storm (mostly) unscathed.

I’m personally looking forward to 2010. I have lots of ideas and goals – maybe I’ll share them later.

Training is a struggle right now. My injured achilles turned into an injured hip flexor, and now I’m having some trouble with my knees after mid-distance runs. Comes with the territory though. Big mileage means big risk – also means big rewards if you survive.

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