Up and Running

The “running-less” streak ended on Saturday. I put on my trusty old Louis Garneau tights – the one’s I’ve had since 2002 – the ones with the ratty frayed butt from countless bike miles – and headed out for my first post achilles injury run in 2 weeks. I took the first few steps gingerly as my mind kept  saying “Oh, what was that? Was that your achilles you felt? Or your calf muscle. Take it slowwww. Go easy.” I went slow. Very slow. Out of fear. When it was over I’d run 4 miles…and I could definately “feel” my achilles. I soaked my leg up to the knee in an ice bath to reduce any possible inflamation. No problems since.

This morning I logged 4 more miles, slightly faster, but still slow. I felt nothing from the achilles! Happy days are here again! I went and bought a pair of Zensah compression sleeves to help me ward off new lower leg woes as my running picks back up. My plan wants 20 miles from me this week, but I’ll have to play it by ear. I’m wearing my compression sleeves as I type this. Sweet recovery! They feel great. I can’t wait to run in them on Thursday.

One response to “Up and Running

  1. Those don’t look all that fun to wear. That’s why I run in leather chaps.

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