11 days and counting

I realized yesterday that this is probably the longest I’ve gone without running in nearly 20 years. As a teenager I ran to stay in shape in the offseason and to cut weight during the wrestling season. In my 20’s (even when i was a little “chunky”) I ran almost every day.

I’ve had running injuries before, IT Band Syndrome after the 2003 Country Music Marathon, plantar fasciatis a few times, and even my current ailment – Achilles tendonitis. I was younger back then though – still in my 20’s. Somehow being 35 seems to make the recovery process a bit tougher. I’ve never had to go cold turkey on the running. I am this time though. Achilles Tendonitis is nothing to mess around with. I definately don’t want to have achilles surgery because I wouldn’t give it rest when I needed to. So I’m resting it.

I put on a flotation belt and went for my first “water run” a couple of days ago. It was “fun.” They say it’s great for runners who are rehabing or need to log more “miles” without injury. I’m also trying to do some swimming and am riding the bike when my achilles feels okay. It’s getting better. In fact, I think I could probably run at this point, but with maturity has come patience.  11 days and counting; hoping to run by the weekend.


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