Weekend training and the finish of the Dauphine Libere

I squeezed in a 1:40 ride yesterday morning with Tardy and the Verner brothers before the final day of the June Counselor Training. We climbed the front side of Lynewood Way (the mountain) on the way out and the backside on the way back. My heart rate hit 179 on the front side and 185 on the back as Stewart Verner drug me up the climb – and eventually dropped me. Been awhile since that’s happened on a big climb. The guy can climb.

I did a 40 minute run this morning that included a 20 minute lactate threshold field test inbetween  a 10 minute warmup up (156hr) and a 10 minute cooldown (158hr). I ran the 20 minute segment at a 6:55 pace that yielded an average HR of 179. For now, I’ll use that number as my lactate/anaerobic threshold. That means I can train up to that number and remain aerobic. I’ve tested my LT as high as 183, so I have some room for improvement this summer.

The Dauphine Libere ended today. Spaniard Alejandro Valverde defended his title. Cadel Evans was second and tour de france favorite Alberto Contador was 3rd. I’m still counting on a Lance to win the tour though. Just a few more weeks of waiting.


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