Some new pics

Seems I’m spending alot of time apologizing for the lag between posts lately, but . . . sorry, I’ve been busy.

Chugging away at my training. I’m still swim focused right now and will likely shift over to a cycling focus in the next week or two before shifting to some run focus as summer approaches. I’m going to try to periodize my trianing by sport this year. This winter I’m training like a swimmer and cross training with some time on the bike and some run time. I’ll shift and start training like a cyclist with some cross training in the pool and on the run…and so forth until I shift to a more balanced training plan in the heat of the summer.
Here are some cute new pics of the kids:
Mama said knock you out!
the little Cherub looking as angelic as ever
Izzy enjoying the first and probably last snow fall of the year

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