Weekend training and another funeral


Sunrise in Spring Hill prior to a cold Saturday ride

It was a nice weekend for being on the bike – 60 degrees temps in February. Brett and I took advantage of the temps on Saturday by riding mid-day. We went just shy of 2 hours at a 15mph average. My average HR was 142. It’s funny how the body can forgot what going 2 plus hours feels like. I’ve done plenty of 4-8 hour rides, but this time of year your body feels like it’s been 4-8 when it’s only been 2. I’ll get there eventually.

Sunday we went at sunrise so we didn’t get to enjoy the 65 degree weather. Instead it was 34. We only went for an hour though. Later in the day I was able to sneak out for a 30 minute run in the nice weather. I pushed a little on this run and averaged 169 on the heart rate monitor. That’s still below lactate threshold.

It’s been a trying few months. As most of you know Karen, Max, and Kate spent months in the hospital. I also buried a friend a few weeks ago – much too young. Yesterday we attended the funeral of a 6 year old girl. Somehow I’ve managed not to shed a single tear through everything we’ve been through. I’ve bit my lip and managed. When Karen and I walked into the funeral on Sunday afternoon I looked at all of the pictures of the little girl and lost it. I ran outside and around the building so that no one would see me “coming apart.”  For some reason, that was the moment when I finally broke down. It didn’t last long. This little girl was very sick and is much better off in heaven where she has a new body and can be with God.

I gave my kids a big hug when we got home. Here are some new pics!


Izzy in a new outfit


Max watching the superbowl


Kate’s version of “enjoying the superbowl”

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2 responses to “Weekend training and another funeral

  1. that’s terrible…one of your neighbors’ kids?

  2. our Chiropractors daughter. She suffered from a mitochondrial disease. They also have boy/girl twins.

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