Feelin’ California plus a run/swim combo

I started the day with a 30 minute treadmill run at a very moderate pace. I’m trying to get back to training by heart rate, so I stayed well below my lactate threshold throughout since I’m still 5 months away from my race season.

I ran 30 minutes at an average HR of 157. Somewhere in there I peaked at 182 (still below LT).

I followed my run with a little lifting: 1 set of flat bench press with 50lb dumbbells x 15 reps, seated cable rows with rope handle x 15 w/ 130lbs, 10 pull ups, 10 commando pullups, 10 burpees.

I ate a Hammer Gel (rasberry) and hit the pool. I only had time for 1500 this morning.

8 x 50 on 1:00

2 x 100 pull on :20 rest

8 x 50 on 1:00

2 x 250

On my way to work I heard Zephry Song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. RHCP always makes me think of L.A. and summertime. It was immediately followed by a Doors song that I’ve forgotten the title to. It was one of those were Jim recites poetry instead of singing “I wanna tell you about Texas radio and the big beat…”. The song reminded me of the giant wall size poster that adorned the front wall in my last college apartment. My roommates and I would “ask Jim” when we were confused about something or deciding upon something by taping hand written questions on the poster. It was eventually nearly covered with notes. They were always funny to read the next day and most of them didn’t quite make sense. I can’t imagine why.

Here’s that poster:



One response to “Feelin’ California plus a run/swim combo

  1. I have a lot of questions I’d like to ask Jim right now. I’ve been trying to ask God, but I’m not getting any audible feedback, so I’m ready to try out ol’ Jim.

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