The stubborness/stupidity of training, a bad haircut, and a swim

Last night I decided to shave my head. It’s been a year or so since I’ve buzzed it all the way down to a 2 guard all over. That’s usually my summer look and has normally signified a “flipping of the switch” when I’m ready to start training hard again. I’m pretty focused on this triathlon season for the first time in years. I’ll share reasons another time.

After I cut my hair last night Karen walked in and said “have you gone more grey?” Not exactly what I wanted to hear considering I thought cutting my hair shorter would show less grey. Truth is, it was a tough 2008 and I have gone more grey. It’s also thinned more on top. I leaned down and saw the truth; there is a visible “George Jefferson” hairline just below the surface.  Crap! Izzy then walked in and saw me. Her eyes said it all. She was horrified. I asked her if she liked it. Her response with a chuckle was simply “No.” Later she backed off a little and said it was “a little wild and crazy, but she wants it to be longer like a prince’s again.”  The good news is that it’ll grow.

It also dawned on me this morning how stubborn I can be when it comes to training. I was up last night with Max from 3-4am because he was wide awake. For an hour I just sat in the dark with my son on my knee until he finally started yawning. While I sat there I thought the smart thing to do would be to skip my morning swim and run combo. At 5:30am I was giving Max and Kate a bottle thinking the same thing. Karen gets up with the babies 95% of the time, so when it’s my time I should just committ to that and not worry about what my training plan says.

Here’s the stubborn/stupid part: at 7:00am I was in the pool cranking out 2000 yards a little upset that I wasn’t going to get my run in before work. The truth is though, I’m not a triathlete; I’m a competitive triathlete. I do it to win so I push forward when I should pull back sometimes. At any rate, here are todays swim details:

Warm up

8 x 50yd Freestyle Swim (even pace), rest 0:15 / 50yd

Build up (repeat 8 times)

1 x 25yd Single Arm (arm by side) 6 x left, 6 x right, 6 x full stroke, rest 0:10 / 25yd
1 x 25yd Streamline Kicking, rest 0:10 / 25yd


6 x 200yd Freestyle Pull with a pull buoy, rest 0:30 / 200yd

Warm down (repeat 2 times)

1 x 50yd Freestyle Push & Glide, rest 0:15 / 50yd
1 x 50yd Freestyle Easy, rest 0:15 / 50yd

2 responses to “The stubborness/stupidity of training, a bad haircut, and a swim

  1. do you worry about getting sick? that’s a lot of activity on not much sleep….

  2. Yes, that’s the risk. I’ve been down this road before though. The ol’ catch 22 is that if I don’t train now I won’t have enough base fitness to race as competively in the summer as I want, but if I dotrain now I might make myself sick and miss training that way.

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