Weekend Training and time trial

This weekend was a pretty typical January training weekend – cold, grey, and fairly easy (other than the hard part of dragging myself out into the cold).

Saturday – I ran 45 minutes nice and easy early in the a.m. This was a step back week. Next week I ramp back up to a 1:00 long run and continue building.

Sunday – Brett and I planned a 4.3 mile bike time trial on Thompson Station road. It’s a winding and rolling road, but is very lightly traveled, so it’s perfect to a TT. The weather was cold and the wind was blowing a bit. Brett started 2 minutes in front of me so that we couldn’t use each other as pacers or as motivation. I realized early in the TT that my fitness isn’t quite there yet. I was breathing hard. I glanced at my HR monitor and saw 180 which is about equivalent to 190 while running (running HR tends to be about 10 beats per minute faster than cycling HR).

My final results were:

4.3 miles

13:24 minutes

19.25 mph average

179 average heart rate (approx lactate thresold).

I did the same time trail a year ago January and it looked like this:

11:57 minutes

21.79 mph average

174 average Heart rate

Last January I think I was still reaping the benefits of the hard mountain training and riding I did the in fall of 2007. Total ride time for Sunday was 1:30 including warm up, TT, and cool down.

I’ll get back there eventually.

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