Saturday and Sunday workouts

I was supposed to get up early and run 11 miles with Bo, but the cold and the sleep deprevation of being up all night with the twins caused that not to happen on Saturday. I eventually set out for a run at about 3:00, but needed to be home by 4:00 so Karen could go get Izzy from a birthday party. It was lightly drizzling rain and the wind was gusting. Here’s what I settled for:

7 miles – 55 minutes

This morning I met Brett at 6:30am for a short ride. It wasn’t nearly as cold this morning as it was yesterday. Brett’s fancy bike computer said it was 34 degrees. I took a decent picture of a nice red/orange sunrise before we set out. I’ll post that here when the batteries charge. Here’s what we did:

1 hour 20 minutes at just under 15mph average.

Pretty lame effort, but we’re being cogniscent that this is January and not April or May. We’re still just riding a “chatting” pace. We’re planning a time trial for next weekend to establish a base line for our cycling fitness for the season. That should be interesting.


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