Today’s workout

This blogging thing is tricky. I often find myself really “reaching” for things to blog about. I’ve decided that I’ll just talk about what I know on most days. That said, I’ve decided to blog my daily workouts here as I lead up to the 2009 triathlon season. I’ve been training pretty consistantly for about a month now.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at this point are swim/run combo days. I usually make Tuesday a run focus with an easy swim and Thursday is a swim focus with an easy run. Whichever workout is the “focus” that day comes first. I’m still in the “Prep” (preparing to train to train hard later) phase of my plan, so there is very little really fast training happening.

Here’s todays workout – started at 6:15am at the Brentwood Indoor Sports Complex (best swim facility I’ve ever trained in):

Warm up

8 x 50yd Any Stroke (even pace), rest 0:15 / 50yd

Build up (repeat 6 times)

1 x 50yd Freestyle Kick with fins (25yd Easy, 25yd Effort), rest 0:15 / 50yd
1 x 50yd Freestyle Breathe and Kick with fins, rest 0:15 / 50yd


8 x 50yd Freestyle Swim, leave on 00:50 / 50yd
2 x 100yd Freestyle Pull with a pull buoy, rest 0:20 / 100yd
8 x 50yd Freestyle Swim, leave on 00:46 / 50yd
1 x 200yd Freestyle Swim, rest 0:30 / 200yd

Warm down

1 x 100yd Freestyle Push & Glide, rest 0:20 / 100yd
1 x 100yd Freestyle Easy, rest 0:20 / 100yd


I changed clothes, ate a Hammer Gel (Vanilla), filled my water bottle back up and hit the treadmill for an easy workout:

10 minutes at 8:30 pace

15 minutes at 8:00 pace

* Music: forgot my ipod today, but the last things I heard before starting the workout was Interpol’s “Our Love to Admire” album.


3 responses to “Today’s workout

  1. I notice these are all indoor activities. Why don’t you grow the beard again and run outside? Cut down some trees? Climb a mountain? Is your heart on fire? It doesn’t sound like it, Ivan.

  2. Funny. You’ve now accused me of training like Drago for the last 17 years. I still do my share of sub freezing bike rides…misery.

  3. I’ve become a wuss. I haven’t run once since the temps started dropping below freezing at night.

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