Winter Classic


The Red Wings (yuck) downed the Blackhawks (yuck) yesterday in the NHL’s 2nd installment of the now annual New Year’s Day tradition – the Winter Classic. At one time I was a huge hockey fan; I mean, a geeky action figure buying – going to autograph sessions – draft party attending, sort of hockey geek. I loved it. I even played for a several years in my late 20’s, excelling only at accumulating penalty minutes. After the league went on strike a few years back I lost interest. When they came back the players were all unfamiliar, most of them fresh faced kids and Europeans. Gone were the guys like Tie Domi (my favorite player) and Bob Probert. I’ve tried to get back into the game though. The “classic” is certainly helping. I’ve looked forward to this game more in the last two years than I have the Superbowl. There’s something pure about outdoor hockey in subfreezing temperatures. This event is great for the NHL! It’s bringing one of the fans you lost years ago back into the fold at least.


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