My Favorite Things : 2008 Edition

Here’s a random list of my favorite things from 2008 in all sorts of categories (obviously in no particular order).

1. Tabasco brand hot sauce – I’ve tried dozens of “microbrew” hotsauces, but the truth is that no one comes close to the original in flavor…except perhaps Tabasco Chipotle flavor.

2. Hammer Gel – especially rasberry, espresso, and vanilla flavor. I use these packet o’ calories on long rides and runs to keep me going. I’ve found Hammer Gel to be my favorites. I just discovered Accel Gel though made by the folks who make Accelerade.The Vanilla flavor is great and I can see myself buying Accel Gel more often in 2009. (disclaimer – I’d buy Enervit “Cola” flavor all the time if it were available at more retailers. Darn Euros!)

3. Keuring Elite single cup coffee brewing system – this baby was the hit of the holidays in my house. It’s so easy…no mess…no cleanup…just great coffee in a hurry.

4. Runners World magazine – I’ve subscribed to all sorts of mags over the years, but Runners World is the one that never fails me. I get GREAT issues of Outside magazine…and then I get some duds. Same goes for other fitness and health mags. As much as I love reading Triathlete mag, sometimes it feels more like a catelog than a magazine.  There’s always good stuff in RW.

5. Sugoi brand triathlon and cycling apparel – These Canadiens make good stuff and they’re generous.

6. Brooks Addiction running shoes – been wearing them for years now and they never fail me.

7. Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural Whey protein – this is the good stuff that I use for recovery.

8. Fat Tire beer – yeah, it’s good. (for the record though, so is a good ol’ original Budweiser heavy though)

9. Jack Johnson – the dude’s music (and films) helped to get my family through a difficult year. I can put a Jack Johnson disc on and instantly be transported to that place in my mind that reminds of where I want to be in the future. Memories of Hawai’i also come back to me when I hear Jack. There was a little coffee shop next door to the Moana Surfrider in Honolulu that played othing but Jack. Karen and I would walk over every morning and get a cup and listen to a tune or two before walking down to the beach.

10. Professional cycling DVDs (tour de france) – I love watching a mountain stage or two when I’m feeling lazy and bored. The drama always motivates me.

11. Mastodon – great workout music.

12. Catfish – I generally don’t like fish or things that swim. I somehow learned to love fried catfish in 2008 though. Among my favorites are Marti’s Bayou Cafe in Spring Hill, TN and Uncle Buds in Hendersonville.

13. Stuffits – I won these babies at a race last year. They are shoe shaped cedar filled thingys to stuff inside your shoes after workouts. They absorb the moisture and prolong the life of your shoes.

It goes without saying that these were my FAVORITE things of 2008.

Told ya it’d be random. More junk as I think of it.


One response to “My Favorite Things : 2008 Edition

  1. Agree with 1, 3, 4, 6, 8. I like 9 pretty well, too.

    I wrote a story involving you today on my blog, btw.

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