Goals 2009

Good things happened in my life in 2008; I landed a new position with great opportunity at work, Izzy continued to show us exactly how special she is, I finally won my age group at the Old Hickory Lake Triathlon (out of 40 some guys) and best of all Max and Kate were born on October 22. Truth be told though, 2008 wasn’t a good year at our house. It was tough on almost every imaginable level.  I don’t want to list the challenges here, because those who know us already know what kind of year we’ve had.

It’s crazy to say that I’m going to make 2009 better. In some ways you just can’t control what life has in store for you. I can’t believe that 2009 isn’t going to be a mountain top for us though.

Here are the things I’m going to make happen in 2009:

1. I’m going to make more money.  I’m fortunate to work for a company that is still thriving. I won’t stretch myself too thin with multiple jobs at the expense of family time trying to do this though.

2. I won’t let money (the lack of or the abundance of) control me. I hate the fact that money and insurance kept popping into my head while I was dealing with the premature birth of my children. It’s just money…and all of it’s God’s anyway. If I lose it, I’ll get more. If I make it, I’ll save it, give it, and (the hardest part for me) spend it on things I want.

3. I’ll come home every evening with a smile on my face. I have too many things to be thankful for waiting for me there. I came home to an empty house too many days in 2008.

4. I’ll take care of people and tell them I love them. Having spent many months cooped up in hospital rooms over the last part of 2008, Karen and I realized how much it helps to have people who care…sending meals, cards, well-wishes, etc. I have always been the kind of person who said “ah, they won’t notice if WE don’t visit or call”. Wrong. You do notice who does and who doesn’t reach out to you in your moments of need.

5. I’ll continue to put Izzy, Max, and Kate first. I committed nearly 5 years ago to not allowing my own hobbies to interfere with the time I spend with Izzy. Now that goes for all three of my children. That means lots of 5:30am bike rides and 10:00pm run workouts.

6. I’ll give my best effort. In my heart I still feel the same things that allowed me to be an elite athlete at one time. Over time though, I’ve allowed myself to give less than my best both in competition and especially in training. One of my biggest frustations is leaving a race having finished 10th when I know in my heart I could have finished top 3 if I gave my all to training. I used to hate losing. When that hate is gone there is nothing left for an athlete. I stopped hating it. I want that feeling back (I don’t want to lose though). God blessed me with some abilities. I’m not serving His will by giving him only half back.

7. I’ll enjoy triathlon again. Somewhere around 2006, just after racing in Hawai’i at Worlds in 2005, I started to not enjoy the sport. Early on it was all new and exciting. I trained with good friends and spent time with them outside of training and racing. As I got faster I started to enjoy it less…and then started slowing down, because I just didn’t care. Last year I only raced once. I missed racing. It’s my outlet and an expression of who God made me.

8. I’ll strive for a simple life. Part of me hates where we live. It’s hard to imagine that I’m still 30 years away from moving back to the simple quiet solitude of the salt marsh on Seabrook Island. I left my heart there many years ago and I’ll be back to stay eventually. My challenge is to be content with where I’m at until I can be there. (I’ve also gotta convince Izzy, Max, and Kate to choose one of these: College of Charleston, U. of South Carolina, or Clemson).

9. I’ll take Karen to the mountains for a weekend in the fall to watch the leaves fall. (yeah, I’ll probably climb a mountain on my bike while I’m there too 🙂

10. A friend told me a few days ago that I’m a “glass half empty kind of guy”. I knew he was right. I don’t want to be that guy.

More as I think of them.

One response to “Goals 2009

  1. Aren’t you a week early with these? Noble goals, though. I was thinking earlier today about whether I’d have a “resolutions” post, but then I thought, “Nah, I don’t want anyone to see my soft side.”

    I can’t believe y’all kept your sanity and optimism last year. I would’ve been tranferred to a room with padded walls if forced to endure what Karen did. That’s why Shane had to hide my firearm from me after being in Iraq several months in ’03.

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