Album of the Year?

It’s that time again. I didn’t accumulate nearly as many new albums in 2008 as I have in past years, but I need to release my “best of” list anyway; that’ll happen later. For now, I’ll let you guys vote on your favorite album (only among the new 2008 albums that I actually acquired this year): I realize there are some great albums missing. Post your comments on the ones I missed. Let your voice be heard!


4 responses to “Album of the Year?

  1. I thought you had Coldplay, remember? You were going to burn me a copy but then forgot.

  2. oh yeah….

    Well, pretty much every album on this list is better than that one, so no worries. You didn’t miss much.

  3. Rat bastard. I liked it.

  4. I vote Portishead – it’s the only one in my top ten!
    My personal top album though is a toss up between Kaki King – Dreaming Of Revenge and Get The Blessing – All Is Yes.
    Like the blog BTW.

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