161 Million?

The New York Yankees just signed CC Sabathia to a seven year $161 million contract. I heard an interesting argument about this on Mike and Mike this morning.

The average American family earned just over $50,000 in 2007. It will take CC 1 inning of work to earn that much next season. I’m a huge sports fan – I love every sport with baseball probably being my favorite. It provides me with alot of joy during life. For the average lot of us day to day life is a constant struggle with bills, family, and stress. Sports provides us a brief escape (movies do the same for non sports fans). The question is: do I get $161 million of enjoyment out of CC Sabathia? Would the average baseball fan even notice if CC didn’t play next year? I doubt it. We’re not talking about a household name or a mega-star here. CC is a good player who has had a few good years, but he’s not Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, etc.There are very few stars who we remember – Jordan, Gretzky, Tiger, Dan Gable (maybe that’s just me). CC is no where near the class of those guys.

In these economic times it’s hard to think this deal makes sense for anyone – except CC. Maybe the Yanks will fill the stands by adding him, but I doubt it. There’s talk that Mark Texeira will sign a similar deal in the next few days.

Is it right that sports stars earn contracts like this when the rest of us are scraping out $50,000 a year and buying tickets to see them play only when we can afford it?


11 responses to “161 Million?

  1. So yesterday you bash Socialism, and today you bash Capitalism?

  2. CC said during his free agency he wanted to bat and play on the West Coast. Naturally he signs with an AL team in the East. Cracks me up.

  3. I’m bashing everyone right now. This situation isn’t good old American Capitalism though…it’s crazy. I’m all for CC getting all that he can, but is his service to the general population really THAT valuable? Several million? Ok. 161 Million? What!?

  4. It’s not important whether it’s that valuable to the general population because he isn’t payed with tax money. Course… that means we shouldn’t be giving tax cuts to sports franchises (or building arenas) for them to come to town… because then we ARE paying his salary. It’s fungible money. Your tax dollars may not DIRECTLY pay that, but they do free up dollars that then can pay for it.

    He, like any executive, union, etc. is welcome to get as big of a cut as possible when negotiating with the employers. Unfortunately, we’ve so blurred the line between private and public that we are all unwitting employers for people we have no interest in paying.

  5. Well, every time I start to get irritated about a crazy sports contract, I remember that it isn’t so crazy that I refuse to buy tickets, hot dogs, merchandise, or watch on tv.

    Service to the general population???

  6. i agree with tyler…the other thing to remember is that while that may seem like an astronomical amount of money for one person, it doesn’t actually hurt society or leave the system. when he gets that money he has to do something with it…if he puts it in a bank the bank will in turn loan it to business owners and charge interest and so on. If he builds a 100 million dollar house…the builder gets paid, the subs get paid, they take the money and go shop at their local grocery store and buy lolly pops for their babies etc. and on and on it goes. So I guess it doesn’t bother me if that’s the deal they negotiate with him…it’s their money and it ultimately will continue move around.

  7. good points all. I was only looking at it from the “does this guy or any sports star deserve to be paid this much” angle.

  8. I think CC should just pick up that guitar and talk to me.

    One of the reasons I don’t watch baseball is because of this crap. The other reason is that it’s frickin’ boring.

  9. Chad…. Randy said to tell you, and i quote…. “It’s the Yankees, shut up!!!”

    LOL – there’s your laugh for the night! 🙂

  10. deserve is a funny word

  11. If you want to look at it from the MORAL perspective of “does a baseball player deserve to be paid more than a teacher?” Well… That’s an entirely different conversation.

    BTW: The answer is that it depends on the teacher. *I* should have been paid to put up with some of the ones I had…

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