Why poor people love Socialism

Spent any time in a hospital lately? Of course not; why would you unless you really have cause to? I’ll spare you all the details, but family has spent the last 4 months in 4 different hospitals fighting for the lives of our preemie twins and my wife herself. I noticed early on at Baptist Hospital that we seemed out of place among the other families milling around in the cafeteria. My sleeves weren’t cut off at the shoulder, my jeans weren’t acid washed, I didn’t reak of weed and alcohol, and my babies mamma of 3 wasn’t 16 years old. Maybe I’m giving us too much credit, but by my self inflated estimation we are good tax paying, educated, hard working, INSURANCE BEARING citizens. I fought the urge to look down upon these others that mixed in our presence – surely they deserved good care as well. I couldn’t help but noticing how out numbered we were though.

I pay alot of insurance…ALOT. Unfortunately though they are fighting us over every dime that they have to pay for us. The story is too long to relate and is a seperate subject. When Max and Kate became ill again recently and were admitted to the Vanderbilt NICU I became reacuainted with my filthy brethern.  They’re every where. A couple of my favorites include a registered sex offender who asked me if my sister is his parol officer (indeed she is), and the enormous freak show fat woman I keep encountering in the cafeteria outside of taco bell. Yesterday I witnessed her, taking up an entire side of a table, cleaning the bottom of her plastic nacho bowl with her disgusting fingers – trying to get every last drop of fake cheesy lard calories. I’m sorry if it’s not PC, but there’s no chance these scum bags are paying their bills. Why should they? My tax dollars do it for them. I pay my bills – and get harassed about every dime – and I pay for sex offenders, illegal immigrants, multiple teenage pregnancies (learn your freaking lesson!), and other riff raff. My precious twins are being cared for by great nurses. I don’t begrudge the children being cared for there whose parents are worthless. I don’t know the answer to the health care system. I just needed to vent. Next time you catch yourself thinking that socialized healthcare is a good idea here are a couple of things to remember:

1. It’s already here….and you’re paying for it.

2. Go hang around a hospital cafeteria and see if you really want to pay for these people to get the same care you’re recieving.


7 responses to “Why poor people love Socialism

  1. proud to be your friend bro…well put.

  2. Standing tall right next to you!

  3. Agree! Great post.

  4. Sorry you’ve had to go through this.

    I had some of the same thoughts at the midtown Crawford Long hospital (part of the Emory family) when our babies were born.

  5. You should send a copy of this to Bob Corker, Lamar Alexander, Bart Gordon, etc… and Barak Obama.

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