Ready, Set,…here we go again

I’ve had a wild 4 months. It put things back into perspective for me and helped me realize that I’m not the exercise addict that I often wonder if I am. I can, when necessary, just let it go. After 3 really down volume months I’m ready to start training hard again for the running, cycling, and tri season – who knows – I might continue to feel this MMA bug digging at me too. I stayed pretty active in the weight room through it all, but the tri training really suffered. Here’s what my 2008 has looked like so far. The hours trained in all three sports are down from 2007. The most alarming are probably the swim yardage. I used to overtrain my swim, but this year I’ve gone the other direction I’m afraid by not training enough. Column one represent cycling hour by month, column two is running hours, column three is swim yardage. Despite this weak effort I still won my “A” race at Old Hickory Lake. Here’s to a stronger 2009!

January 14h 17m 6h 17m 1000.00 Yd
February 6h 35m 5h 27m
March 8h 06m 5h 25m 2500.00 Yd
April 13h 22m 6h 00m 6000.00 Yd
May 11h 26m 4h 51m 1075.00 Yd
June 17h 25m 5h 57m 4300.00 Yd
July 15h 18m 5h 14m 2000.00 Yd
August 20h 11m 7h 27m 4500.00 Yd
September 5h 58m 6h 00m 400.00 Yd
October 3h 10m 3h 28m 1000.00 Yd
November 6h45m 2h 49m 1000.00 Yd

One response to “Ready, Set,…here we go again

  1. You’re a beastly, bulging man. And, you need to change my URL in the blogroll.

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