The Cure: Then and Now

When I was 13 years old I got my hands on a dubbed cassette version of The Cure’s “Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me” album. Within a week I had a Cure poster on my bedroom wall and was well on my way to acquiring all of their albums. My wife recalls with some distaste the giant Robert Smith poster that hung on my wall in college. Now, 21 years later, they are still my favorite band.

I picked up their new album 4:13 Dream a few days ago and have been very pleased with it. I was fully expecting to be disappointed, but Robert and the boys have restored my faith in The Cure.

Check out “Underneath the Stars” – my favorite track from the new album:


5 responses to “The Cure: Then and Now

  1. You gonna make me a copy of that CD or what?

  2. I am surprised that you like this album. I am still getting acquainted but for me the latter part of the album is growing on me.

  3. I think I like it, because I was expecting to hate it. It’s not their best work by any means, but pretty good. I read a review on Pitchfork and have to agree with portions of it. Their reviewer said that hard core Cure fans hear in these new songs what might have become of the songs in the hands of the Cure years ago. The new songs are good – in 1989 the same songs would have become epic.

  4. i need to get it. i feel guilty that i have not.

    incidentally, did you have to say “piss on you” as a comment to my “happy anniversary” blog post? i’ve decided that you’re no daisy. you’re no daisy at all.

  5. I love their new album
    by the way I wrote a post about them as well on my blog

    it deals with the interrelation of arts like wine and music in particular The Cure. Would like to know what you are drinking while listening to The Cure …


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