A Tour of Karen’s temporary “home”

My wife Karen has now been at Baptist hospital for 7 full weeks keeping our twins, Max and Kate, safe. She claims that anyone would make the same sacrifices for their children that she is making, but according to the nurses that’s not true – there are lots of selfish people in the world. One thing is for certain – there are VERY few people who would do what Karen is doing with her grace. She’s a strong woman. Keep up with her HERE.

Here’s where she spends every minute of every day and night:

Welcome to The Predators Suite

marking off the days

Izzy’s decorations for mommy (including a page full of 4 leaf clovers)

my occasional bed

The meds (some of them)

The view of the capital


3 responses to “A Tour of Karen’s temporary “home”

  1. Thanks for putting that out there Chad. For those that haven’t been out there, it will put things in better perspective… for those of us that have, it keeps us grounded. She is an amazing woman! I think the most moving picture for me (besides the Izzy pics) is the calendar… to walk into that room and see all of those red x’s is very telling!

    We love you all!!!

    The Fords

  2. hey, i recognize that place! will be there again in 9 days.

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