Popcorn blogging

I was introduced to “popcorn prayer” a few weeks ago; that’s prayer where one person starts with something like “God, I’m thankful for…” and then people in the room randomly say things aloud they are thankful for.  I’ve been so busy with my new position at work that I haven’t had any real great blogging ideas of late so I thought I’d try “popcorn blogging”…just short random ideas and thoughts I’ve had lately. Here goes:

1. Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinting sensation, is a STUD. His laid back attitude towards sport is refreshing. He seems to know it’s not the end of the world no matter if he wins or loses. I love that youthful enthusiasm…he doesn’t celebrate to taunt…he celebrates out of joy.

2. World Party’s “Goodbye Jumbo” is one of the most underated albums in the history of music. I’ve always loved it, no matter what my mood, what the weather is like. You should too. All serious music fans should know and love the song “And I Fell Back Alone”

3. Lots of people, probably 10  in the last two weeks, have asked Karen and I if we know that Karen looks like this swimmer named Natalie Coughlin. Yes, we know. Weird…Karen used to be a year-round swimmer too.

4.Something about the changing of the seasons resets my thinking; I don’t like myself when I take myself too seriously…or when I take life too seriously. I don’t like being the classic definition of an “adult”. I think we sell ourselves short and deny ourselves much of life’s enjoyment when we try too hard to be “grown up.” I take responsibility for important things, but I also let go and have fun alot. This year one of my resolutions was to take “sport” less seriously. I’ve done a good job so far. I’ve enjoyed doing the things I do more since I stopped caring so much how well I did them.

5. I’m pretty sure my kid is not only a prophet (those who know the stories know what I’m saying), but I’m also pretty sure she’s destined to be a professional or olympic athlete of some sort (she makes the other kids look silly). Here she is “working out” and doing “gymnastics” on her “gym”. Oh yeah…she’s cute too.

yeah…she’s “hyper-flexible” too. Check out that freaky arm (Karen’s do that too)!

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