Matt Hughes meets The Figurehead

Matt Hughes squared off with The Figurehead

Matt put the fellas and I through a brutal 2:30 hour workout on Friday afternoon at his gym in Granite City, IL. Everything about the experience was even better than we had hoped for. The H.I.T. squad (Hughes Intensive Training) gym was top notch as expected. Matt was super nice and really acted like just one of the guys – just one of the guys who is putting you through a brutal workout. We work out pretty hard during the week when we’re at home, but this was a new level. I’ve run marathons, done triathlons, gone through gruelling weight cutting workouts, and even ridden the equivalent of a Tour de France mountain stage and this workout rivaled anything I’ve ever done in difficulty. The staff at Matt’s gym were great as well. He runs a great business and I’ve gotta believe that everything from the cleanliness of his facility to the courtesy of his employees trickles down from the great leadership 9-time UFC World Champion Matt Hughes. Thanks for a great day Matt! We’ll be back.

post workout group shot: front row – JK Simms, The Figurehead, Chris Thomas. Back Row – Blake Thompson, Matt Hughes, Bill Hampton, Joe Leavitt, Brian Williams.

Great road trip boys! You guys all made me proud.


One response to “Matt Hughes meets The Figurehead

  1. cool pictures! glad y’all got to have such a unique experience yesterday.

    saw you tagged yourself. incidentally, i regularly get visitors who have searched for “chad nikazy muskrat.” just thought you should know.

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