Going to meet Matt Hughes

Awhile back some of the guys that I train (and train with) surprised our friend Hampton with a birthday gift. That gift was a trip to Granite City, IL (just outside of St. Louis) to meet and train with UFC legend Matt Hughes. We’re all big fans of Matt. We’ll be spending a couple of hours at his gym The H.I.T. squad in Granite City hanging out and being put through a tough workout by the man himself.

We head out on Friday morning. We’ll workout at the H.I.T. squad at 2pm and then spend the night on the town in St. Louis. Can’t wait. Thanks for having a birthday Bill!


5 responses to “Going to meet Matt Hughes

  1. Just curious, where do you train out of. I want to get back into mma for the fun of it. I’m too old to seriously compete.

    Email me if you can.

  2. Dude is ripped! Hope Hampton can handle it. ;0

  3. awesome…don’t go up into the arch if you’re at all claustrophobic!

    that dude is no peltier.

  4. This is going to be a great day! Can’t wait to put him in a head lock!

  5. Carrie Beth Sugg

    I just returned to Waterloo H.S. in Waterloo,Illinois,from our boy’s wrestling tourney in Hillsboro,Illinois. I taught mathematics at HHS and felt great recognizing and speaking to Matt. Reflecting on the photo of Matt & Mark, they still look the same…less hair, maybe! I appreciate their hard work & time!

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