Freakazoids and other random musings

I stopped by Whole Foods Market today near my office to pick up some energy gels for my weekend bike rides. I like to go in once in awhile to pick up some healthy snacks or even occasionally get lunch. Everytime I go though I’m reminded while still in the parking lot that the place is full of old fashioned FREAKAZOIDS. My office is in a pretty hoity-toity part of town, so there are obvious indicators when one of these freaks has money. You basically have to in order to do real shopping there. Despite that, they still often appear homeless or at least clueless about how nasty they present themselves. On top of it all, they are all hopelessly rude. I thought DEMS were supposed to be lovely dovey and nice? To make the visit even worse, they didn’t have any gels.

After my stop in Whole Foods I walked over to Subway to pick up lunch. After paying for my combo meal I stepped over to fill up my fountain drink. There was an employee- a kid who was probably 17 or so – filling up the condiment trays. Instead of stepping aside and saying “pardon me sir, go ahead.” He just stood there took his time making me, the customer, wait. Once he finally moved I filled my cup with ice and then started filling my drink. The same kid gets shoulder to shoulder with me and starts filling his cup with ice. Aren’t you supposed to wait your turn at the fountain? He spills the ice all over the floor and onto my flip-flopped feet. I look down at my foot that has several ice cubes on it. He notices and looks down too, but says nothing. I could feel the veins in the side of my head starting to pulse. I kicked the ice cubes off of my foot and across the room as if to say “you punk…now you can pick them up over there.” Still nothing. I can handle well mannered teenagers. Rude ones on the other hand…

With the Olympics coming up, I’m remined once again that my wife could be twins with swimmer Natalie Coughlin. It’s freaky really…same mouth, same smile, etc.


One response to “Freakazoids and other random musings

  1. obviously, you should’ve given that punk kid a “head tap” and then flipped him over with a “fireman’s carry.” you should know by now the importance of being like a ball of fire when aroused.

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