Early Father’s Day Gift

Here’s what Izzy picked out, all by herself, for my father’s day gift. Karen says they were strolling through Target when they passed the book section. Izzy immediately stopped and started jumping up and down wanting to “pay” the Jimmy Buffett book for daddy. That’s my girl!

It’s a cute story so far. Lot’s of parallels to my life right now…the main characters, other than the pig, are twins. We’re expecting twins right now. The early part of the story is set in southern middle TN – exactly where I live.

Karen says I’ve been reading too much serious stuff lately on top of the heavy load I’m carrying already. She’s right. Nothings better than a Jimmy Buffett, Tom Corcoran, or Clive Cussler novel for summer reading.


One response to “Early Father’s Day Gift

  1. Dude! Congratulations…y’all may be due next week for all I know, but Congrats on the twins. We just had our second daughter Avery Elizabeth a little over a week ago.

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