A Disgrace

Thiago Alves = a disgrace. This punk showed up to the biggest opportunity of his life 4lbs over weight. That’s pathetic. I’m sorry his little ankle was hurt and he couldn’t cut weight…by say…sitting on a bike, sitting in the sauna, or any other means by which weight can be cut. Matt Hughes is a legend of MMA. He’s one of the guys that the UFC built it’s name upon. He shouldn’t have been put in that situation by Dana White. Dana should have tossed Alves from the card instead of forcing Matt to fight a guy that eventually probably weighed 15 pounds more than Matt at fight time. This isn’t the first time Alves has showed up overweight. Please, Dana White, either kick this scum bag out of the UFC or put him in there with St. Pierre, Koscheck, or Sanchez and let them humiliate him.


2 responses to “A Disgrace

  1. Yeah! Please don’t post my name in case one of these guys gets pissed and comes after us.

  2. blake’s name is posted! glad i don’t live near blake!

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