I miss Superchunk and 1992

Superchunk WAS indie rock. They were one of my first tastes of true independent music. I remember thinking that only people in Chappel Hill, NC and a handful of us kids in Hendersonville, TN knew who they were. I saw them at the Exit/In in Nashville sometime in the early 90’s (can’t recall exactly, but somewhere between 92-94). Sadly, at the time, I somehow identified with the lyrics to this song. I love this band! I love this song in particular! Viva la Superchunk!


3 responses to “I miss Superchunk and 1992

  1. i miss your super chunk, buddy. boy do i.

  2. Very nice “Mac”.

  3. livefromnashville

    Here, here! I totally agree. Superchunk is the embodiment of indie rock. That whole Chapel Hill scene is pretty innovative, thanks in large part to Superchunk/Portistatic. They have a good thing going on over there (not that we don’t in Nashville; it’s just bigger here and we have an already-established enormous contemporary country industry. I say that somewhat sadly.). Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh all seem to really embrace the orginality indie rock is known for. (They hug Neko Case so tightly she has to do a whole weekend of shows there; her shows sell out so quickly. That, to me, is the mark of a population with very good taste.)

    I saw Portistatic in Greensboro when the Flying Anvil was still, er, flying (I think it was in 2005). It was a great little intimate show, but the whole band rocked it like they were at Madison Square. They did some Superchunk songs – real crowd pleasers.

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