Dock to the Ace Basin tidal creek

The Club at Seabrook

Seabrook Dolphin Low-tide

The Dippin-Dot castleSurfer Girl

The family and I just returned from vacation on Seabrook Island, SC (where we used to live). We had a great time.

Pic 1: the dock behind the villa leading out to a tidal creek on the Ace Basin (marsh)

Pic 2: the club at Seabrook where Karen and I were both lifeguards.

Pic 3: One of the many dolphin that come out to play during lowtide. Seabrook is very secluded so there’s never a time when you aren’t seeing dolphins swimming just off the beach (sharks too for that matter).

Pic 4: The princess with her “Dippin-Dot Castle”

Pic 5: Princess (surfer girl) Izzy  on the beach.

One response to “Vacation

  1. looks fun!

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