The Feet standing on the neck of the American middle class

Forgive me, I’ve had the FLU for a week now so I’m a little irritable. My entire family, that’s three of us, have had the FLU since Sunday. We all go to the Dr. to have the flu confirmed. That’s a $35 copay for each of us = $105. All of us are given a prescription for Tami-Flu. I head to Kroger to fill the prescriptions. Before going in to get them filled I fill up my gas tank at the Kroger fuel station = $45. I’m not having a good day. Once inside I learn that each of my Tami-Flu prescriptions will be roughly $39 each = $120.

So in one day I shelled out $105 for healthcare. $120 to the pharma companies. And finally $45 for one weeks worth of gas so that I can drive to work.

Honestly, the $105 to the Dr. doesn’t miff me that much. It’s the $120 for the crap drug that all three of us have had trouble keeping down. Somewhere there’s a CEO of a Pharmaceutical company enjoying his private yacht…probably sipping champagne with the CEO of a petroleum company. Meanwhile middle class folks like me are trying to figure out how to survive.

Someone please tell me that our country is in great shape – so that I can slap you and tell you to WAKE UP and look around.


4 responses to “The Feet standing on the neck of the American middle class

  1. I agree with your thoughts on the pharmaceutical and petro CEO’s. If I recall correctly, when what could be termed the “French Middle Class” was taxed out of existence the blood letting started. Let’s hope these guys start reading history before they are given an object lesson in history.

  2. I LOATHE pharmaceutical companies for marketing directly to consumers and for creating a culture founded on pill-swilling quick fixes. But, I also think it’s too easy to fixate on the image of a diabolical CEO contemplating how to take your money and ruin your middle-class life.

  3. I don’t imagine a diabolical CEO comtemplating how to ruin the middle class. I simply think most of them are so far out of touch with what it’s like not to be filthy rich that they just don’t get it anymore.

  4. you think drug companies are our problem? nothing compared to our over-promising government:

    when our dollars are worthless b/c of the fed’s printing money to pay for its reckless promises, we’ll be digging up tree roots for medicine. the above article isn’t new news, but at least cnn is giving it a little attention.

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