Workout tunes

I’m training folks again. I have a group of guys that are killing it three mornings a week boxing, wrestling, lifting, and doing some extreme conditioning. Beyond the fun of training them I’m also enjoying making new workout mixes for each workout.

Here are a few of highlights from today’s mix (Enjoy Scoali and Hooligan):

Dropkick Murphys

Steet Dogs



2 responses to “Workout tunes

  1. Maybe you could do like chick-tunes for our workouts… Little Pink, Avril, Amy Winehouse… whaddya think?
    I’m laughing just thinking about it.

  2. You picked three of my favorites, go figure!
    A local gym recently added boxing to it’s list of classes. I haven’t done this in an organized setting since I was a teenager, but plan to get back to it soon.
    Good Luck with your training.

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