Mayweather; MMA or Miguel Cotto


Judah feels Cotto’s power.

First let me qualify this post. As a wrestler I’m a big MMA fan; I watch most of the fights one way or another. That said, I’m a little bothered by the recent grumblings that Floyd Mayweather Jr. may pursue MMA next – with Mark Cuban’s help.

Mayweather is a surgeon in the boxing ring. That’s not to say that he’s not also a complete stud when he needs to be (see the Hatton fight). I’d love to see Mayweather get into MMA. Personally, I think he’d destroy 95% of the guys he faced very quickly. Speaking as a fairly accomplished wrestler I still don’t believe most MMA guys could take Mayweather to the ground without being hit 20-30 times in the process. If a Mayweather bomb sends Ricky Hatton to the canvas imagine what it would do to … (pick the MMA lightweight of your choice).

Here’s why I’m not ready to see Mayweather in the cage yet; there’s a bit of unfinished business. Is he the best fighter in the world pound for pound? Maybe. What!? Maybe?! That’s right, there’s a guy out there that Mayweather simply won’t fight. When he finally fights Miguel Cotto and wins then I’ll grant him the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Cotto is a monster with the power to hurt Mayweather. Hatton had the power as well, but Cotto is a better boxer to go along with the power. Cotto is 31-0 with 25 knockouts including recent wins against Shane Mosely and Zab Judah.
Floyd, please give us a fight with Cotto before making the leap.


5 responses to “Mayweather; MMA or Miguel Cotto

  1. hmm, i cant say i agree with you for a variety of reasons.

    Firstly, your view as a wrestler is just that “as a wrestler”, but you have to remember, its not wrestling and punching its mixed martial arts, that includes all sorts of other variables like kicks punches etc. Now being a martial artist myself (Kyokushinkai karate, BJJ and Judo) and having sparred with boxers, there are so many variables that a boxer is open to, one of them is leg kicks, if you go on youtube and search muay thai vs boxing, you will see a boxer (i think its art jimmerson) face off against a muay thai fighter and the muay thai fighter destroys him with leg kicks and finishes it off with a head kick. and thats just one of the variables among the ones ive mentioned before.

    Secondly, boxers learn how to punch and defend punches, takedowns and grappling are a whole unkown for them and as you said about getting a load of punches in before initiating the takedown i think would be a problem for a boxer, for the simple reason that boxers learn how to defend punches not takedowns, plus most grapplers arent stupid enough to just telegraph a takedown, he would hide it in fakes and stuff of that sort. grappling is unknown territory for a boxer.

    Mayweather is a fantastic boxer, but as i said “fantastic boxer”, if he fought in mma (even with training) he would still fight as a boxer, only due to the fact that, that is his grounding and what hes used to. Plus trust me bro, leg kicks hurt, even the great ali couldnt withstand antonio inoki (even though they placed stupid rules against inoki) and inoki obliterated his legs.

    Anyways just my 2 pence


  2. IMO Mayweather fears Cotto. I have been talking about that matchup since before Cotto Destroyed Zab. When I saw him beat Zab, then Mosley – it was locked in my mind. I do hope they make that happen before he makes the dumb career ending move to MMA.

  3. Mayweather is scared he got the title and now he is holding it by fighting no challenge guys or guys that are 15 pounds and 3 inches smaller then him if he doesn’t fight Cotto he should step right up and try fighting a bigger fighter like Pavlik, Hatton did it against him and I think if it was due to punchers luck Hatton could have beat Mayweather. So I think the wuss should step up and fight a challenge Zab has been the closest thing he has fought and look what Cotto did to Zab, hell I’ll fight Mayweather and get my ass kicked he just needs to stop running his mouth that he is the greatest and prove it quit picking on little kids and old guys and fight a actual challege. GO COTTO

  4. HAHA Mayweather would get destroyed in the octagon. Face him against any of the good lightweights, better yet face him against Shawn Sherk (former UFC lightwieght champion) and Sherk would destroy him. Mayweather is a good boxer I give him that, but how are you going to compare nothing but punches to grappling, takedowns, Leg kicks, and submissions. Also may I remind you that there are MMA fighters with one-punch knock out power. Stay in the ring pretty boy. Whats next, hes gona try to become a Rapper now? Please.

  5. As a wrestler myself, I don’t think Mayweather could knock out any decent wrestler before he got taken down.

    Much easier to shoot on someone and take them to the ground than it is to hit someone in the face when they’re doing so (not to mention knock them out).

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