It’s ride week

It’s Monday; on Saturday we ride the mountains in the Tour De Nantahala (aka The Nantahala Nightmare). I’m as trained as I’m going to get at this point.

Still think cyclists aren’t as tough as other pro athletes? Check these shots I found of Passo Di Stelvio from the Giro D’Italia:


Still not convinced? Try this angle…..



7 responses to “It’s ride week

  1. Why do this? Wouldn’t you have more fun making yourself miserable by drinking a gallon of milk in an hour?

    Seriously though. I have a lot of respect for the will power and dedication you cyclist have. Good luck.

  2. peachyperspective

    omg are you crazy? yes, yes you are. but hey, way to go… that’s awesome!

  3. So how many helicopters does it take to get you all up to the top of the hill? Seriously, the ride down looks like a blast!

  4. There isn’t enough dope in 100 BALCO labs to get me up that hill.

  5. You do this…and I will get on my MOTORcycle this weekend to ride 2 blocks to Starbucks.

  6. good luck this weekend…sorry i haven’t been on your blog in 2 mos…i have to wait in line to access a pc that will allow viewing wordpress! let me know how it goes when you get back.

  7. get busy liven’ or get bust dien’!

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