The Climber


It’s getting closer (November 3). I’ll defend my polka dot socks to the death! As of today though, my legs are shredded from the preparation.


6 responses to “The Climber

  1. George J. Mitchell

    Marco Pantani and blood doping!

    Richard Virenque and Festina doping kit

    Michael Rasmussen and cow blood (Hemopure)

    KOMs are meaningless, ride tempo instead.

    Make your only attack on the Wayah (depending on the wind, attack hard and get a good gap, then bomb the decent and win the race. Looks like no passengers are needed on this one. Don’t take any with you.


  2. I agree. “Attack on the Wayah.” Good luck.

  3. If you have anything left on Wayah I’ll be impressed!

  4. If you don’t your toast, just like Roid landis’ CAS appeal.

    Be strong on that final climb.

  5. btw: Get that Nike steroid and cow blood doper off your blog.

    Lance Pharmstrong is a confirmed drug cheat.

  6. Pete, please explain to me how Lance is a “confirmed drug cheat.”

    You are one of two things if you believe Lance is a doper:
    1. French
    2. Communist

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