Questioning Lance is un-American!


 There are few things that frustrate me more than the subject of doping in professional cycling and, of late in professional triathlon. I can rant and rave for a solid hour on the subject, but I spare you that for the sake of keeping this blog post short.

There is a highly read post circulating on wordpress these days that’s meant to be a sarcastic proof of Lance’s innocence in the matter of blood doping.

Maybe I’ll go into it further at another time, but for now I’ll just say this: What the heck is wrong with you people? Lance Armstrong is an American hero in a world that hates Americans. So why are so many American’s jumping on the french bandwagon to tear down one of our national icons. Isn’t that akin to treason? The guy beat terminal cancer – It was all of over the guys body – but he beat it through strength, determination, and in my opinion God’s mercy (although Lance wouldn’t agree with that). Stop trying to draw attention to yourselves by expressing an opinion about Lance’s guilt that’s supported only by jealous french media. I bet some of you Lance haters hate dogs, apple pie, your mamas, hamburgers n’ french fries, John Wayne, and think WWII was a mistake.

 Let’s just enjoy one of our National heroes regardless of what biased foreign press thinks of him. He won their race 7 times! Think there’s no jealousy there?

One response to “Questioning Lance is un-American!

  1. Some people just have to see the negative in everything…and what a joy it is to be around these people. (not) I admire Lance for everything he has done. He is certainly and American Icon and someone we can all respect. I’m sure he’s done so much more with his life and his influence that we do not even know about. I wish we could filter out all the negatives that are said about people.

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