A Quiet Weekend

I haven’t felt well lately, so Mrs. Figurehead and I sent Izzy Figurehead to my parents for the weekend. We spent a relatively quiet weekend at home and remembered how lonely it is not having a child in the house. The peace and quiet was welcomed, but being without your child is tough – even for a short period of time.

We actually watched a movie! That’s huge for us, because we never manage to find the time when Izzy is home. I spent hours with my nose in a book. We listened to some of the greatest music ever recorded. It was a quiet weekend.

The Movie: Blood Diamond


I’ve had war children on my heart for some time now, so I’ve been wanting to see this film. Blood Diamond takes you to 1999 Sierra Leone where a mercenary is looking for an enourmously valuable conflict diamond and a father desperately searchs for his son who has been abducted by the RUF (Revolutionary United Front) as a child soldier.

Mrs. Figurhead and I aren’t big jewelry people anyway, but this movie, combined with some research will likely keep us from purchasing diamonds. Although the G8 passed legislation in 2003 against the sale of conflict diamonds, there are still underground sources fueling bloody civil wars in Africa via the sale of these blood diamonds. Americans account for 2/3 of the worlds diamond consumption. There are still more than 300,000 children fighting wars. Are your diamonds worth it?

The book: Waking The Dead – The glory of a heart fully alive by John Eldredge


The Music: The Joshua Tree by U2 and Harvest Moon by Neil Young



3 responses to “A Quiet Weekend

  1. Dude…me and the wife watched Blood Diamond this weekend too.

  2. It’s one of those movies, like the Country Boys documentary, that will probably hang with me forever. To be 100% honest I thought it drug on a bit with the action sequences, but the power of the film was in the father seeking his son and in DiCaprio’s character’s final goodness of heart.

  3. how was the book? i liked “wild at heart” by him. mrs. moe’s diamond came from israel. wonder if that’s more humane?

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