One on American Idol (sic) tonight


“We are excited to announce that Bono will be making an appearance Wednesday night on behalf of ONE urging the millions of Americans watching the show to join us in the fight against extreme poverty. Bono will meet with the Idol contestants to talk with them about ONE and the difference your advocacy is making in the lives of the world’s poorest people. The Idol contestants will also perform “American Prayer,” a song written by Bono and Dave Stewart about the AIDS emergency in Africa.

We need your help to make sure your friends and family are watching. Spread the word about tonight and tomorrow’s shows! This is a great way to introduce friends and family to ONE. Invite them to join you in the fight against extreme poverty.”

The Figurehead doesn’t watch American Idol. I’ll spare you reasons why, but I do think it’s a good vehicle for spreading the message about the One Campaign.


26 responses to “One on American Idol (sic) tonight

  1. Whether you watch American Idol or not is your biz, but the show and what it does has merit outside of the one campaign.

  2. Are you serious? Now I’m curious; what merit does the show have other than just pure entertainment for a “reality” show crazed culture?

  3. Ask Carrie Underwood (Grammy), Jennifer Hudson (Golden Globe), Kelly Clarkson (Grammys) and several others who may or may not have been developed, even noticed, if the show has merit.

    I don’t think it is all about the awards; the basis of the show is to find talented performers and bring them into the light. Sure it caters to the “reality show crazed culture” but are you down on the show because it’s popular?

  4. Not because it’s popular, but because I feel like it’s rigged and it forces singers who are “good for a karaoke bar” down our throats – as if they are actually “American Idols”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched the first week of the show so that I can laugh at the idiots. Once it gets down to the final 5 or 10 though I think it’s rediculous. Carries Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, and Kelly Clarkson are the exceptions. They are talented and would have eventually made it anyway. The other “idols” they beat out for their victories?? Not so much. It’s like watching a high school talent show.

    Idol is a platform for forcing more marketing and half-baked talent down our throats. Am I to believe that the “voting” is for real? It’s about as real as The Real World or Road Rules.

  5. Assuming that the Carrie Underwoods of the world would have been discovered independent of AI is naive at best. It’s 50/50 AT BEST for Carrie, Kelly, Jennifer and others to have been discovered outside of this process. The point that the show does have some merit has been made. Sure there are individuals in the final 10 or 5 that aren’t good; it isn’t a perfect system. Jennifer Hudson by the way finished seventh. Chris Daughtry, Katharine McPhee, and others have released albums to varying degrees of success without winning on the show. Heck, I even saw Bucky on the CMA Awards show. The validity of the votes could be argued, but there’s no denying that the show finds, publicizes, and develops talent at the highest level.

  6. I can see that I’m dealing with a big fan of the show here. Hey, I get it, while eating lunch with a bunch of coworkers today the entire table was talking about American Idol last night. Apparently, I was the only one who hadn’t watched it. I understand that it’s popular that’s why in my original post I didn’t comment on my feelings about the show. The point of my blog post was to point out that ONE will be put into head’s of however million viewers tune into American Idle tonight.
    What if the millions of people who watch Idle tonight and then wasted their money calling in their vote actually sent that same small amount of money to a charitable cause like ONE?

  7. It would be great if everyone who watched tonight donated to ONE.

  8. You can’t deny that it was a genus formula to sell a ton of pop albums over a course of five years.

    Wait! There’s voting for the Real World and Road Rules ?!?! Where do I send my text messages?!?

  9. Exactly!!! A “formula” to sell a ton of pop albums.

  10. Need I remind The Figurehead that he once referred to a “formula” when talking about the song writing of Kurt Cobain? And how that song writing was very successful in selling Nirvana records?

  11. Interesting retort indeed! I think a better word to use when describing American Idle would be “scheme” rather than “formula”. I’m glad there are people who get enjoyment from American Idle. But it’s naive to believe that it’s anything more than another marketing scheme for selling Coke and then ultimately the records, backed by big bucks major record labels, of unimaginative singers. Here’s the deal: I like artists. I get inspired by a musician or a band that’s doing something that makes me think or moves me. I’m not moved by hearing one of these supposed Idles singing the “songs of Queen”. Really? Who gives a crap? Are any of them singing the songs better than Freddy Mercury did? Crap no. Why? Because there is no heart in it. American Idle is a staged and rigged popularity contest between singers who are undiscovered because they lack that artistry that gets real artists noticed.

    Go easy on my man Kurt. Yes, I’ve said before that Kurt was a genius when it came to writing this song: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus, chorus, feedback. That’s different, because he used that formula but constantly twisted it and tried to ruin it himself with the avant garde. Heck, there are lots of successful formulas I dont take offense at: a Stephen King novel, a Clive Cussler novel, etc. We see what selling all those Nirvana records eventually did to Kurt. Despite the success, it was never his intention to become a slave to that successful formula.

  12. When you leave a trailer park and a dad in jail and get on tv and sing in front of millions of people, you are gifted. Perhaps you are hot, marketable, and have been given the song, but that doesn’t make it easy to sing on stage and stand there for the whole country to judge. That seems hard to me.

    No offense to Kurt. He’s my dog.

  13. This really surprises me that you are defending American Idol so steadfastly. You guys are huge fans aren’t you? I can tell…you’re almost offended at my disdain for the show.

    C’mom Bobby…C’mon….you know….you know Bobby.

  14. I like the show as much as the next guy. It isn’t like I have Reuben records stashed under the seat of my Ford Freestyle. I like a good debate.

  15. Thats the problem Jim Bob you love it as much as the next guy when guys shouldnt actually like it at all. Tasteless corporate sludge pawning to American Teenie-Bopers and bored housewives.

  16. ha! Jim Bob, I’d like to introduce you to The Hooligan. Hooligan, meet my friend Jim Bob.

  17. On that, does anyone know how my bored housewife can get the corporate sludge out of our Berber carpet? Over the course of the AI season, it can really build up…

  18. Nice to meet you, hooligan.

  19. Sorry Figurehead, but I’m with Jim Bob on this one. I don’t watch the show at all, but it does take talent to get on a stage in front of millions, perform a song with a live band, have a some stage prescence and then deal with Ryan Secrest afterwards.

    That last one may be the toughest.

  20. No, talent is writing and composing your own original song, any moron can be trained to sing in front of anybody, a vocal coach can make you sound better and if you have an idea of what the song sounds like (cheap cover song knockoffs) you will automatically sound better. The 3 blind mice (Slime-on, Pill poppin Paula, and Randy) can say “you made the song yours” all they want and it will still be a lie. Lets call it what it really is, bad cover singers trying to sell bad music that is destin to sit in the “One hit wonder” category.

  21. Whatever the case…don’t forget to go to and sign up. This is for both sides of the issue.

  22. Exactly…the sad thing is; I can see what links are clicked on on my blog. I’ve had 100+ visits to this blog post and not a single person clicked on my link to

    Signing your name costs you nothing. It just makes your voice be heard.

  23. Great point. Plus some of the same will pick up a phone and vote 20 times for the same person to win a singing contest.

  24. OK, I clicked the link and signed my email and name. My e-voice has been heard.

  25. The American Idol gives back is a good idea (in my brazillian opinion). I wrote about it in my blog (n portugueses, of course, my english is very bad). In my blog people clicked on maybe because it’s a “new thing” here in Brazil and who knows everything about it are U2 and/or Bono’s fans (like me). The visits in my blog doesn’t matter about “Music Rising”, (RED), for exemple.
    I wrote 3 posts about it:

    Como um: Idols gives back (as one: idol gives back)

    American Idol gives back… simplesmente lindo (beautiful)

    And some people, are clicking on…
    Few people, but more than post about the Nevermind’s cover…

  26. Welcome to the team Jim Bob!

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