Faith and U2


A couple of weeks ago my mom called me on Sunday afternoon wanting to know if I had ever heard of a guy named “Beau-no…Bono…Boe-no…Bono?” I laughed a little and said “Yes, mom, I’ve heard of Bono.” I explained that I had been listening to U2 and Mr. Bono for nearly 20 years. I didn’t go into detail with her about it, but U2 played a huge role in my teenage years. The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, and The Unforgettable Fire in particular comforted me and kept me company during those hard times that every unsure of himself teenager goes through.

I wrote about those albums on a previous blog of mine. Click HERE if interested.

Apparently, my parent’s church watched a 30 minute video about Bono that Sunday in church. It sounded like the usual stuff…Bono talking about the One campaign and about social responsibility in general. I think it’s great that a man spent so many years building a platform and is now using his fame and resources to make a difference in a culture  dominated by a “me-first” and “the rich get richer” mentality. Bono is using his voice to fight global poverty and AIDS. He’s bringing Africa to the attention of the rich with idle wealth. This is a poor kid from Ireland trying to change the world.

It’s not just my parents non denominational church that has taken notice of Bono and the music of U2. Episcopal churchs in particular are using the music of U2 to bring young people into the church. Is that a bad thing? Traditionalists might say yes. I believe its a good thing. However you can bring people to Jesus, short of bombing them into religious submission, you should do it.  U2’s music has been overtly religious in a secular industry for decades. It’s nice that people are starting to take notice.

Read this interview with Bono for more on his view of Jesus Christ and religion.

7 responses to “Faith and U2

  1. Thanks for the post on faith and U2.

    We just did a recent post entitled “Love Song To The Church” detailing the spiritual overtones to the U2 song “One,” so your post strikes a chord.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Nameless, Faceless Love

  2. More power to him…especially because his heart seems right.

  3. PS…check out his prayer he did at the President of the United States “prayer breakfast”. Video of it at http://www.myspace./blaket63

  4. Anything that can bring people into church is not a bad thing. I guess it’s what happens to them once they are there. Are they seeing Christ? Are they having an encouter with Him? Or is it just cool music?

  5. If they aren’t seeing Christ in church there are issues beyond the means by which the church used to lure them there.

  6. the band at my church covered U2 on easter sunday a couple years ago…pretty cool.

    i assume you’ve read the book referenced below?

    if not, i can let you borrow mine.

  7. Hi, I’m from Brazil. very good your post. I’m student of journalism and my “homework” at final of my curse is about U2 and faith…
    I did read the book walk On and it’s very good.
    Sorry for my bad english, heheh.

    Cler Oliveira

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