Great Lake Swimmers – Ongiara


You guys know I’m a sucker for quiet folky introspective artists and albums. So, this glowing review of the Great Lake Swimmers new album Ongiara should come as no surprise.

Ongiara is my second GLS album. I bought Bodies and Minds a few months ago. Along with a couple of The Mountain Goats albums, Bodies and Minds has been my regular Saturday and Sunday morning fixing breakfast, making coffee, starring out the window, sketching pictures album. The things that make Bodies and Minds a perfect quiet time album are also present on Ongiara. That is to say, that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree on the new one. Tony Dekker’s voice still reverberates with hollowness that takes you to open landscapes where no one is in sight. There’s a bit more midtempo on Ongiara than on previous GLS releases, but don’t take that to mean this is a bright album by any means. There’s still bleakness afoot.

Great Lake Swimmers have always made habit of recording their albums in different settings – the first two albums recorded in an abandoned grain silo and a small lakeside church respectively. Oniagra carries on that tradition. The album title comes from the name of the boat the band took to Toronto Island for the recording of Ongiara.

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