Simply Successful Secrets; or Habits of a Water Treader

Chris at Pourout “tagged” me to follow up on an exercise in self-edification started by some guy I don’t know at some blog I’ve never heard of or read. Can you tell this exercise caught me at a good time? I’ve been doing alot soul searching lately and I haven’t liked what I’ve found out about myself. So, in fact, this idea did catch me at the right time, maybe just not a good time.

Here’s the deal: I’m supposed to list 10, give or take a few, of my daily habits that make me “successful” and then tag some other bloggers to do the same.  And we’re off….

1. I spend time with my daughter first thing every morning: This is both out of necessity and desire to spend time with her. Karen has to be at work 40 minutes from home at 7:30 am, so I get Izzy out of bed, pack her lunch, get her dressed, and to daycare everymorning.  There’s nothing better than a hug from your little girl first thing in the morning – even when she’s screaming her head off as 3-year-olds are prone to do.

2. I do work that touches peoples lives in a positive way: I syndicate a national talk radio program that reaches 3 million plus listeners. It’s information that actually helps people have better lives. That, in turn, is a blessing for me.

3. I exercise daily: I swim, bike, or run 6 days per week to keep my body strong. This is the only body I’ll ever have, so it’s my responsibility to be a good steward of God’s temple. This habit is easy to abuse, so I’m careful to maximize minimal “training” time.

4. I read: I’ll catch some grief for this one from more business and religious minded coworkers, but I read mostly fiction. It’s who I was made to be.  With a few exceptions, I don’t appreciate spiritual advice from preachers supplementing their incomes with self help books. The exceptions: Rick Warren, John Eldredge, and James Dobson.

5. I write: Since adolescence I’ve dreamed of being a writer. I haven’t always worked to make that a reality, despite constant encouragement from teachers, professors, and loved ones. So, this is the one that bothers me most. Nights when I have written I fall asleep peacefully, nights when I haven’t I’m restless and full of regret.

6. I draw: There are sketch pads all over my house (in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom). When ideas won’t come out through my writing they usually manifest themselves through pen and ink sketches.

7. I spend time with my wife and daughter in the evenings: I’ve posted several times  wondering how people find time for tv at night. This is where my time goes. I’m not giving you a load of self-righteousness here. Spending time with my family at night doesn’t make me any better of a father or husband than anyone else; it’s just reality. It’s where my time goes at night and why I dont’ watch tv. I refuse to “record” tv programs; they just aren’t that important. We eat dinner – We give Izzy a bath – then we play/read books until bed time.

8. I compete: My father was special forces in the Nam, my brother a stud athlete in every sport imaginable. Competitiveness is another part of who I am, so I don’t suppress it, though sometimes I would like to. It would eat me alive inside If I didn’t test myself against others physically. These days I do 7-10 triathlons annually to get my competitive fix. If I didn’t, I would be nearly impossible to be around.

9. I Veg Out: Ok, so I admit it: I do watch some tv. I watch one sport or another every night almost as I’m falling asleep. Watching a sporting event is a mindless activity for me. I don’t have to be totally tuned into a Chipper Jones at bat in the 5th inning of a game in June. It’s okay if I fall off to sleep.  The one exception to this rule is The Tour De France; my heart races throughout – with the exception of the flat stages.

10. I listen to music: Music is beauty. A good artist or band can inspire me to sit down and work on my writing/art; I’m constantly searching for new bands to reach me in some way.

So there you have it, my good habits that keep my head above the rising swells of adult life. Pour Out tagged most of the people I would have tagged. Here are a couple more:

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