Question to Ponder

So, let’s say I have this friend. Okay? This guy has always had the same favorite band…as long as he can remember liking music (not counting when he loved Bon Jovi in elementary school). This guy, my friend, is wondering at what point does it become okay to have feelings for another band. Maybe even “those kind of feelings”; you know what I’m saying. If a guy has liked one band for nearly 20 years as his sole favorite how does he reconcile himself to the fact that another band might be just as good as his long time favorite? Should he categorize them as such: 1. my favorite band until age 30 2. My favorite band since? Which becomes the proverbial “all time favorite”?  

Help. My friend is really struggling with this question.

ps. You know what? I’ve already answered this question for myself. Just hang for a minute and listen to the crowd sing along on the first imbedded link. Wow. It’s still an interesting question though.


6 responses to “Question to Ponder

  1. I like it when you…er, I mean your friend puts his (or her) inner strife on this blog for all to read. For what it’s worth, I believe that it is the “all-time” favorite bands who shape and mold us and prepare our hearts and ears to accept other potential favorites. Thus giving the all-time bands the nod.

    On another note, I could listen to “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” for “100 Years” and not get tired of it. The more I listen, the more I like DCFC.

  2. Me too Bobby….me too. You need to get “The Photo Album” by DCFC.

  3. I know what you mean but trust me your second love (dcfc) is fleeting. I had an affair with them too. It is a nice relationship but cannot ever compare to that first love (the cure). Plus i think your new love is copying some of your old loves best styles and moves and you are just reminiscing on the old days with your first love, well because frankly your first love just is’nt the same beauty or have that same passion she once did. But that’s ok she is entering a new phase in her life and now you want to go slutting it up with the new girl in town. Plus i saw DCFC in concert and they are the most boring live band. Some good tunes though. Take Care.

  4. Thanks for the comments Jasin. I hear you. It’s hard to find bands these days that AREN’T feeding off of the stuff the Cure did a long time ago.

    I saw DCFC live too and honestly, I thought they were pretty good. Maybe you saw a less lively set list. They played alot of stuff from The Photo Album when I saw them.

    As a former Cure dork (posters covering every wall in my room), I want to hang with them. They’ve got to release something decent again soon though or I’ll left just remembering the good times.

  5. As much as i love the Cure i kinda think it is time to hang it up before things go south (i.e. Ashley Simpson). The phrase “jumping the shark” comes to mind. The only thing i want The Cure to release is that Disintegration re-issue. Then they can go out on top.

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