24/7 News Channels = Self Important Melodrama

The last few days have strengthened my dislike for 24/7 “news” channels. I’ve always felt that channels like Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc serve only to highlight the world’s suffering. Do you really believe that the world is getting worse every day? That all of a sudden war is hell? The fact is, as humans we’ve always been a slimely law breaking bunch. Before 24/7 news though, you only got to hear about it for one hour every night at 6:00pm while you ate dinner. Now we can wallow in our own filth around the clock. So why are YOU watching? Are we gluttons for this garbage? Does seeing others suffer makes us feel better because it’s not us? You get the idea: I don’t watch news channels.

In the last few days it’s gotten worse. Two examples:

1. When did the news become “the news”? Why do I care about Geraldo and Bill O’Reilly having a spat over imagration? This was more than a little self-important in my eyes. Fox has covered their argument adnauseum.

2. Don Imus said some REALLY stupid things. There’s no way around that. He should lose his job. Yes, I know this statement will get me slammed by folks who loathe political correctness. This goes beyond that though. It wasn’t just insensitive. It was offensive. All a two week “vacation” for Imus will result in is a huge ratings boost when he returns. After all, we’re a voyeuristic society, so why shouldn’t tv news joing the ranks of reality television.

Here’s my question: Why did I need to see a press conference with the Rutgers coach? More than that, why in the world did I need to see the players themselves read personal statements about how their lives are now permanently scarred because of this? That’s laughable. That my friends is the definition of melodrama; bogus overly sentimental camera face time. Those 18-21 year old girls were clueless about who Don Imus is before this happened. Everyone they know was probably clueless about who Don Imus is. I was offended when I passed through the room in which my wife was watching some news channel who was airing their “statements”. I’m sorry they dreamed up that this old guy in a cowboy hat and sunglasses statements ruined their “great season”. 24/7 News has apparently taught them that they needed to react, in a big way. By the way….GO LADY VOLS. Rutgers you were out of place in that championship to begin with.

6 responses to “24/7 News Channels = Self Important Melodrama

  1. It’s all a cycle if you think about it. Imus says a racial slur, skinheads love it. Geraldo is for illegal immigrants, skinheads hate it. Let’s put the skinheads and Geraldo in the same room like back in the 80’s and let them break each other’s noses again!

  2. i read the wall street journal every evening and read blogs for most news each morning before starting to work. most mainstream news is biased, superficial, and generally blows.

    try some of these:

    yes, there may be some bias in these, but at least they don’t try to hide or deny it. it’s good to get a different slant now and again anyway.

  3. ps – i forgot http://worldnetdaily.com/, which actually present news from a pro-christian and libertarian slant.

  4. I completely agree that 24 hour news is a BAD thing. It’s nice that we have access to information any time we want it, but we don’t just check it once a day when our schedules allow. We turn on our station of choice and let it drone on in the background. (WARNING: political statement ahead) The fact that we’re all so worked up about how bad the war in Iraq is going is a direct result of this. If people had had access to the same info during WWI or II, we NEVER would have stayed in. Likewise, the fact that the presidential campaign is happening NOW is ridiculous.

  5. Dead on Figurehead. The one thing I hate most is the sensationalism. Everything is worst case scenario on these news stations. “It’s never been this bad before!” is heard every hour.

    There’s a communication theory out there (forget the name) that explains the phenomenon of over-reporting bad news and how it creates false perceptions of what reality really is in societies. My mom is definitely a victim of this. She watches so much news she won’t take the trash out at night because there’s a criminal in the garbage can waiting for her.

    Who can forget though? The sensationalist news people are easily defeated by the weather forecasting bozos. Do they really have to be so doomsday about every cloud? We don’t need the Little Dutch Boy to plug the dam anymore. Flash Flooding ain’t that big of a problem. Please quit “keeping me safe” by interuppting the game and plastering your maps all over the game scores. Lisa Patton had my Granny so scared one night she was out in her hallway at 3am because Lisa told her to go there to survive the oncoming thunderstorms.

    24/7 News comes at us quicker than ever, but thankfully burn out from it comes sooner as well.

  6. Exactly right on all points. Sensationalism is the norm when it comes to 24/7 News.

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