Joaquin Phoenix wins the masters!


I watched golf for the first time this weekend. I mean, seriously watched it. I’ve caught 5 minutes here or five minutes there over the years while falling asleep, but this Masters tournament I actually watched. I’ve always been curious how people can watch golf on television.

Golf is a hobby that I just don’t have time for. It’s not that I don’t want to play. I have other hobbies that take my time on the weekends. It’s that simple. When I retire to Seabrook I’ll pick up golf.

I enjoyed watching this masters, because the players seemed so human. Nothing was going right for them and it was anyone’s tournament to win. I found myself rooting for Jerry Kelly and Vaughn Taylor, because of their easy-going demeanors. I also found myself rooting against Tiger. Why? The guy is FILTHY rich already and strikes me as a crybaby.

In the end, I was happy to see Joaquin Phoenix….I mean Zach Johnson hold on for the win.


5 responses to “Joaquin Phoenix wins the masters!

  1. It was a great Masters. Some incredible shots made. The course was in great shape. Glad you watched. It was good to see Johnson win. Surprising but good. The delicate chip he hit on 18 was very impressive.

  2. Freaking hysterical. All I see now is Commodus putting on the hallowed green jacket. Absofreakinglutely hysterical.

  3. my dad was in town for easter last weekend and wanted me to watch some of these with him, so i did, and i enjoyed it. it’s the first time i’ve watched TV since the super bowl party we had. i couldn’t help thinking, though, of the movie “beautiful girls” when tim hutton’s character comes home, and his dad says, “there’s golf on tv. wouldya like to watch some golf? why don’t you put your bags upstairs
    and come down and watch some golf?” to greet him when he enters his boyhood house for the first time in 10 years.

  4. Yep, I thought about the same thing. I actually watched the Sunday round with my dad.

  5. Wait a minute, I watched the Sunday round with my Dad too! What’s going on here?

    [tears welling up]

    “Dad, you wanna have a catch?”

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