If you see me…please kill me.

It’s true. It’s true. I’ve seen this coming since “Friday I’m in Love”. I can’t even express how embarrassed I feel for my former favorite band of all time. Why Robert? WHY???



2 responses to “If you see me…please kill me.

  1. Oh dear God NO!
    When I started reading this post I asked myself “What, what could Robert Smith have possibly done that would make one want to die?” And not in the great pseudo-depressed I-want-to-die way like he did in the 80’s. I didn’t immediately recognize the blond hot mess in the picture so I had to click on the link. When I saw Robert Smith and Ashlee Simpson in the same sentence I threw up in my mouth a little. There are no real words to describe the disappointment so I won’t even try.

    On a more positive note, have an awesome time at The Decemberists show tonight! I’m looking forward to the Atlanta show tomorrow.

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