Happy Days Are Here Again: Opening Day 2007


I love sports – all of them. Apart from wrestling though, nothing holds a dearer spot in my heart than baseball. I was never a great player. I played as a kid, but never excelled. I was the sort of kid that hit first in the batting order, because I could run. The problem was actually getting on base.

There’s something so apple pie and momma lovin’ about our national past time. If you don’t love baseball you’re downright un-american.  I can hear the nay-sayers now and their constant whining about steroids in the game. Performance enhancing drugs are in every sport. The NFL is just as guilty. So why do we ignore it? Nevermind that guys like Shawn Merriman are 6’4 275 pounds and run faster than Jerry Rice. That’s natural, right? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some football, but let’s get real. Baseball is still our crown jewel.

I love THIS Ken Burns documentary about our games heritage.

Go Braves!

3 responses to “Happy Days Are Here Again: Opening Day 2007

  1. go cubbies! loveable losers!

  2. uh huh. if you were such a fan, you wouldn’t have backed out of your plans to come to the ATL and see the first braves game last weekend! :-p
    i have tix to the 4/13 game if you wanna come down! we can turn the figurehead into a bobblehead quite easily.

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